Monday, August 6, 2012

218 + different flavored ICE CREAM !

The international ice cream factory never fails to satisfy my ice cream cravings, I always come out like a happy child as if I have won a gold medal. On a beautiful Sunday evening.... I was of course having some unpleasant dessert cravings, but I did not know what kind of dessert I wanted. LA CASA GELATO was the perfect place to go! There are more than 500 flavors of ice cream actually and I could literally get a taste of any flavor I wanted; from savory to sweet. Savory as in something like garlic? or curry ? Sweet as in... FERRERO ROCHER! However, if you want a little bit of both... consider apple cheese? It may sound bizarre but trust me... some combinations will really surprise you with how scrumptious they are, like maple bacon gelato.
Look at the crowd.... it was like this the whole time I was there. WOW :)

Handsome guy scooping gelato at the speed of lightning ;)

A single is $4.50 and we both each got a single; pistachio and white chocolate strawberry. There were plenty of nuts in the pistachio gelato and it wasn't powdery. I once had mondo gelato's pistachio gelato and there was a powdery texture to it... :/  I got a taste of the strawberry white chocolate and I didn't like the it very much, I found it rather just pure sweet and I expected to be more creamy. 


Ambiance: 4/5 
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 3/5 
Price: under $10
Overall: 4/5
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